Bean to bar for home bakers and chocolatiers

A home set up for small batch makers

  • Home Level Set up
  • No big machines or appratus
  • Everything from scratch with details
  • Certificate Course: You get certificate upon completion.
  • Launch price 14999/- regular price 19999/-

A bean to bar course for home bakers and home chocolatiers

Learn to make absolutely clean, healthy dark and milk chocolates at home!


Understand the industrial flow of chocolate making and how it will be converted to home level chocolate making, keeping intact the quality and taste of chocolate.

Fermentation: A complete explanation on how fermentation is done at fields, why it is important and how the fermenting activity leads to flavor development. You will get to know how naturally so many flavors get induced in cocoa beans.

Drying and packing: how the beans are dried and shifted to buyers.

Bean inspection for production: How to evaluate beans from the delivery lots you get. Learn how to sort them and discard what is not good for producing best bean to bar chocolate. How to check quality in terms of moldy and unwanted beans. Also how to cut open and check fermentation of beans.

Roasting: Understand the roasting matrix. How to formulate your roasting profile. The impact of time and temperature on beans.

Cracking & Winnowing: how to crack beans at home without using any machines or special equipment. Also how to winnow them innovatively with things available at home.

Recipe formulation: Learn how to formulate recipe from scratch. Most importantly with Jaggery or raw sugar, and how to avoid soya lecithin. This is the key focus of the recipe module and main course that you will be standing out from the crowd in terms of ingredients. Mostly people make with white refined sugar and use soya lecithin. You will learn how to use Jaggery or raw sugar and no lecithin. However we will share recipe with normal sugar and lecithin too.

Dark and Milk Chocolate formulation: you will learn formulation of vegan, semi-sweet 55% and 70% dark and 36% and 40% milk chocolate. However that is not limited as you will be learning how to change cocoa contents and solids keeping in mind the fluidity of the chocolate in general so you can make many more percentages in dark and milk chocolates.

Grinding Refining and Conching: Learn timings and when to add what. What are ideal running times and their advantages. Checking properly at different stages and certain precautions while taking chocolate off from the grinder.

Soya Lecithin Vs Sun flower Lecithin: An overview and discussion on same so you can take informed decision whether to use it or not? Also use of cocoa butter Vs Lecithin for fluidity of chocolates.

Problems and issues while making: A detailed explanation on how to tackle the issues if they arise while producing chocolate at home.

Costing and Profit analysis: Evaluate your cost and profit margins if you plan to sell this further to other home bakers and home chocolatiers. There is a great opportunity in selling slabs to other fellow bakers.

Supplier List and things required for reselling

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Online Bean to bar for home bakers and home chocolatiers

Still have questions?

What is the total investment?

As a home baker and home chocolatier you already have basic tools and equipment’s like bowls, spatulas, thermometer, microwave or double boiler and oven. You just need to invest in wet grinder which ranges from 3000 to 12000 depending on brands and durability. The links of same will be there in the supplier section. Then comes your raw material cost, which is cocoa beans, cocoa butter and Jaggery which can be bought as small as 1 kg each.

How much space do I need?

Your regular work space/kitchen. No special area is required

How long is the access?

one year from the date of your purchase.

What if I have questions and doubts?

You can ask unlimited questions in the course sections.

If supplier details given?

Yes , all that you need is documented

Are these retail level chocolates and can I sell them further?

Yes ofcourse.

When do I get access to the course?

within one hour of your purchase, you will get an email to register and create login. Make sure you have punched in correct EMAIL ID. Do check your spam folder also.

How long is the course?

The course is self paced. You choose your speed. There is no rush or set deadlines to finish it.

Is it a certificate course?

Yes. You can download your certificate upon completion.

Generally course fee for bean to bar courses is 70000/- and above

but this is just 14999/- along with 2 more courses as launch price. Later 19999/-

Adding two more courses along with this course

how to taste chocolates professionally

So that you know how to differentiate

Master tempering and make designer chocolate bars

absolutely free with this course

worth 2999/-

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