Chocolate Panning Course for home bakers

Chocolate Panning Course for home bakers
Panned nuts

Introduction to chocolate panning – complete online course

Set up your home panning business with EASE

This online course focuses on delivering the theory of panning, how to coat, smoothen and polish your nuts and soft centers.
Adding textures to your panned nuts .
Making colored nuts

Talks about adding colors, working with compounds and chocolates.

How to trouble shoot main panning problems

How to set up your room

How to price your panned nuts

How to present and pack your nuts

How to choose perfect panning machine for yourself – vendors details and machine specs

This course will help you set up micro or medium business for yourself. You can start selling panned nuts and soft centers after this course. Not only this, you can become supplier to other home bakers also.

So this opens up new income stream for you.

The course has video and text lessons.

You can start or finish the course at your pace.

You can ask questions inside the course

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