Lesser known facts about chocolate

Lesser known facts about chocolate

Chocolate is no longer just a temptation. With the exploration of its properties it has been found that chocolate can play a good role in facilitating health. When eaten regularly in the prescribed quantity which is usually 30-60gms.

Did you know that chocolate is a fruit?

Chocolate is a product of the cacao tree. It is a pod shaped golden or orange fruit which is found hanging on the tropical cacao trees. This fruit has very little flesh and has a large number of seeds (called beans) that are white when young and turn brown on drying form which chocolates are made.

Chocolate facts:

Chocolate is truly a feel good factor – contains several mood altering chemicals like

  • Serotonin which makes one feel good,
  • Theobromine a stimulant which peps one up,
  • Endorphins which reduce sensitivity to pain.

Chocolate has 4 times the antioxidant when compared to tea. Catechins are powerful antioxidants found 53.5g per 100g in dark chocolate. These help in preventing against cancer and heart disease.

40% women crave for chocolates as compared to only 15% of men.

Phenylethylamine a neuro disinhibitor released by the brain also found in chocolates causes an increases feeling of excitement and boosts sex drive.

Dark chocolate has 5 times more antioxidant than the equivalent weight of blue berries. 

Scientists have also researched that consuming 40g of dark chocolate for two weeks reduces metabolic effects of stress.

Yale University went ahead to state that snacking on dark chocolate often in pregnancy can help in preventing fatal complications from premature births.

Flavanol rich chocolate can protect skin from premature ageing.

Chocolate is the ultimate sense stimulator

  • Sight – stimulates an indulgent luxurious appeal
  • Smell – sensual aroma can have a calming effect on temper and releases pent up frustration. So the next time you decide on chocolate please take time to savor the smell.
  • Taste – chocolate contains up to 500 distinct flavor compounds and aroma. Chocolate uniquely melts at 34C providing a smooth, silky, luscious lingering taste making it so addictive. 

So many facts truly substantiates the intense craving for chocolates and gives us a good reason to have it as well.

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