The chocolate world

The Chocolate World

Let’s begin a journey into the fascinating world of chocolate.

Chocolate was discovered in 1900BC by the Mesoamericans. Since then it has grown to become one of the most coveted food of today’s era.

The rich luscious flavor of freshly roasted cacao beans ground into a paste with various concoctions is the mainstay of most modern western desserts and drinks. In fact any occasion without chocolate seems all most incomplete.

Since chocolate is so loved. Through this blog we have tried to cater to all chocolate lovers with the real insight into this food. We have highlighted the history of chocolate and given a video recording of how we process chocolate from bean to bar. There are also a number of tips and tricks in handling chocolate. A number of interesting chocolate recipes for mom and kids to make at home which are not only delicious but nutritional too. We have the hot chocolate milk drink to small bite size truffles. So the next time why not reward your kid with one of our treats. There are also make at home chocolate dips for parties or rich chocolate sauce for cakes to healthy and vegan options all are available. 

We hope this blog is an inspiration for chocolate and wholefood lovers to get their hands on some cool stuff and make their culinary and baking journey all the more interesting.

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  1. This information was awesome but the question in my mind after reading was whether one can prepare chocolate from bean to bar if yes what is the process I am totally interested and excited to join the project please guide me. I am home baker from Goa

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