Bean to Bar Course

This is a Certificate master class where you learn to produce your own couvertures from beans!


You will learn to produce your own white, milk and dark chocolates from beans.

Special Bonus: Learn to make SUGAR FREE dark chocolate. 

All recipes are hands ON. 

Rakesh starts the class with conscious tasting and developing your palate to help you connect better with hidden flavors of cocoa beans. You will be made to taste some chocolate at points to identify flavors.

Then it proceeds with sorting of the beans, knowing all the parameters which can affect your flavor. How to select the best possible beans for optimum flavor. To best understand the process, you will be shown virtually  the farm practices. 

Learn different roast profiles, the real secret of the chocolatier, you will learn the temperatures, timings and different methods of roasting and how they affect final flavor! This is the key area of chocolate making. A typical cocoa bean has 900 hidden flavors, it’s in your hands to develop or ruin them. This is a real game changer.

Cracking and winnowing the beans, which methods to use and what should be looked in detail while executing this step.

Grinding: at this step we produce our cocoa liquor

Flavor, additives, refining and conching: This is another key area, when to add flavors, sugar and other ingredients , what are different stages, when to refine and conch and how to do it.  We discuss this step in thorough detail so that you have a grasp of the subject.

Tempering your own produced couvertures.

Storing and ageing process.

Setup costs and various levels of set up

Packaging and labeling.

Pricing and Market analysis. Identify the gaps and placements

You get to take home bars produced in the class.

No material to bring in the class.

Next Dates : Bangalore : Kruthi Art of Baking Academy – 6-8th August 2020

3 days class, 9.30am – 4.00pm.

Prerequisite: You must have working knowledge with chocolates (not compounds). You must understand tempering and crystallization points. This is not a beginner class.

Price: 45000/-

Call/WhatsApp: 9900080588 to register or for more details.

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