Success Stories of chocolate entrepreneurs!

Shyaamlee – Hyderabad

Online chocolates – Masters Course

Dipika – DIEM chocolates

Runs chocolate factory in Mumbai

Courses: Chocolate Masters and Bean to bar

Neha – Mumbai

Professional Chocolate course

Runs her company by brand name – Giggles

Richa – Delhi

Runs national brand in bean to bar chocolate – Darkins

Course: Bean to Bar

Annu Jangra

Online Masters chocolate program and Diploma in baking

Runs bakery in Delhi NCR

Girija – Mumbai

Diploma in Chocolates

After her Diploma, she is freelance consultant to companies to develop chocolate blends and recipes.

B2B client for chocolates

Neha – Hyderabad

Professional chocolate course

She sells online and offline.

Tripti – Online Masters Chocolate Program

When ur tutor is good even a boring subject gets interesting..same is with our   Rakesh sir from 32 degrees, as he makes the subject chocolate so quite interesting!!I remember very well when for the first time in my life, I joined in 32 degrees to learn tempering chocolates, level 1 of chocolates making with Rakesh sir..that time I had no idea about oven, chocolates or any ingredients related…I just had the dream of doing something different . Though I have joined few more chefs to learn more about chocolates but believe me the kind of elaborative knowledge Rakesh sir gives none else do that…Rakesh sir’s class is a complete package …he will make your vision and knowledge so clear that you’ll never get stuck in your work and further you might not be needing to do any more chocolate classes.Due to travel and time constraint I joined Masterss program in chocolate making Online session of Rakesh sir in 32 degrees…I just can say that online class is equal or even better than the regular classes where you can refer back to the videos so very well explained anytime you want to…Rakesh sir you are “THE BEST” –

Pooja Pandey

Multiple courses at 32 Degree studio

Running very interesting concept brand in chocolates – Dabel

Tejal Solanki

Multiple courses at 32 degree studio

she didn’t limit her chocolate knowledge to chocolates only. She went ahead and applied it to sourdough breads. She is known for her sourdough bakes and she does take classes for the same

Smita – Bangalore – multiple courses

I have been part of workshops conducted by Rakesh over last few years.I would religiously vouch for his expertise & command over the subject.I have always found Rakesh available whenever I needed his opinion.He is a very kind hearted gentleman & sincerely wants his students to do well.Needless to say,his sense of humour makes Chocolate making more fun. Smita Deshmukh

Neha Hyderabad

After my son birth I left my job , and wanted to build my career which I can take forward from home.So the first challenge was with myself. I didn’t have any skills nor an Idea of chocolate making. Even I was not sure i have interest in making  Chocolate. As my background was from finance and marketing.To test and start I started watching Youtube and started making basic chocolates.Then I thought of taking it further and did advanced course with Sir .I was clear I have to start it online , so I got all my registration and came with Brown House.Selling online requires long shelf life products .Majorly I am taking online orders and do whatever comes offline.


Multiple courses at 32 Degree studio

He is real hands on guy with chocolates. He loves to experiment and try out new things. He heads leading chocolate brand – kettro in mumbai

Rahul Redkar

Engineer by education but chocolate lover to the core.

Chocolate Masters program

Priya Jain

A real health freak.. she develops everything healthy. And she is the inspiration for us to move into healthy chocolates without refined sugar. She runs her brand by name – Maakrit

Sweety – Meerut – Online Masters Chocolate Program

I would like to express my gratitude for being one of your students .. It was best decision to join your online chocolate course.. It covers all techniques from basic to advance..All of them r very well explained..Earlier I didn’t hv confidence to work with pure chocolates..Weekly assignments give us enough time to work on a particular topic ..Thank you for developing confidence inme.. Most of all we can do it at our place n our time…Thank you for being great mentor n providing  us support everytime n post course also.. Thank you Sir for everything you do for your students